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Why A Porta Potty Rental Is Great For Your Next Outdoor Event

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If you are planning a big outdoor event, you might want to think about renting a porta potty for all of your guests to use. Actually, if you are having a rather large gathering, you might want to rent several of them so your guests will not have to wait in incredibly long lines just to use the restroom. Not sure why you should opt for the porta potty rental when you have a bathroom inside? To help you see the benefits of the portable bathroom rental, you will want to keep reading.

Your Guests Won't Wreck Your Plumbing

This is not to say that any of your guests would do something to intentionally harm your plumbing system, but accidents can happen. You don't want your main toilet becoming so clogged that it is not usable until an emergency plumber arrives. You also do not want anyone flushing things that they shouldn't, such as wipes or feminine hygiene products. Even if those things will not immediately clog your sewage lines, they can cause a clog over time.

Your Guests Will Have Easier Access

Instead of having everyone go inside to use the one bathroom, you can set up porta potty units outside. You can rent a few and have them set up side by side in one corner of the yard. Then again, if this event is taking place in more of a field and people will be spread out everywhere, you might want to put some portable toilets in varying spots. This will make it a lot easier and quicker for your guests to make it to the toilet. The lines will be shorter too since there will be more than one toilet for everyone to use. Your guests will surely appreciate that.

You will now need to spend a little time checking out the different companies in your area that offer porta potty rentals. There might be a couple to pick from so it is important that you use this to your advantage. Call each rental company and ask what their rental prices are for every kind of portable restroom that they have and whether they rent by the day or week. Some companies might not allow single-day rentals, so you would have the portable potty a few days before it would be picked up. If that poses an issue, you can always search for a company that will do same-day pickups. 

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