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Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Porta Potties

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One reason why people refrain from renting porta potties is the notion that they are dirty and unsanitary. However, with proper cleaning and maintenance, portable washrooms are great alternatives where there are no real washrooms. Here are tips for ensuring cleanliness and maintaining your porta potties.

Air Out the Toilets Frequently

When you lock your porta potties for a long time, they produce a pungent stench whenever you open the doors. This is the reason you should air out these units frequently. Otherwise, you may end up chasing away the customers and guests of your event due to the strong stench from the restrooms.

Before you open the doors of your porta potties, hang an "out of service" label to discourage people from using the facilities. This allows air circulation in the toilet to keep them smelling fresh.

Invest in Handwashing Stations

When renting out portable toilets, it is advisable to rent handwashing stations. For personal hygiene, you should have a place where people can wash their hands with running water and soap after visiting the washroom.

There are various handwashing stations. You can opt for a station connected to a water supply or one with a water tank. Many people feel confident about your porta potties if they know they can wash their hands after using the facilities.

Use Deodorizers

Many portable toilet services offer smell-control agents. However, these may not be enough if your toilets are receiving heavy traffic. One way to keep your toilets smelling fresh is by using odor-controlling cleaning tablets. You can drop these tablets in the tank. Additionally, you can use air fresheners inside the facilities and outside.

Rent Sufficient Toilets

The easiest way for porta potties to get dirty quickly is if they are overused. This happens if one rents insufficient units. Your calculations should be based on the number of people who will be using the facilities.

For example, if there are more men than women, you may need more individual units for men. Ask your porta potty rental service to advise you on the right number of units.

Clean Points of Contact

When using a porta potty, people will typically touch specific areas. These include the toilet paper holder, door handle, and hand sanitizer. You should focus on cleaning these contact points. One way to maintain cleanliness on these contact points is to use a strong cleaning product that kills bacteria and other germs. Use rubber gloves and a rag to clean these areas. 

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