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Tips For Having A Portable Potty At Your Next Family Reunion

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A family reunion can be a great way for you and your family to be able to get together and have fun together. When you have a lot of people at your home, you need to be sure that there are enough restrooms for your family to use. A portable potty can be a great option to consider, if you do not have many bathrooms available for your guests to use. Use the guide below to learn a few tips on how to ensure that everyone is as comfortable as they can be when using the portable potty at your family union.

Find Level Ground

You first need to find level ground for the delivery driver to set the portable toilet on. The toilet needs to be set on flat ground so that it does not tip over when people walk in and out of it. When the delivery driver arrives, he or she will be able to tell you if the location you have chosen for he toilet will work or if you need to choose a different location. 

Add an Air Freshener

Portable toilets can start to smell after a few uses, especially if they are sitting in the hot sun. Place a small air freshener within the toilet to keep the odor to a minimum. Be sure that the air fresher you choose is not too strong. You want your guests to be able to breathe freely when they are in the restroom and not feel bombarded by an overpowering smell.

Keep the Portable Potty Clean

Be sure to take the time to clean the portable potty on a regular basis. Be sure to use gloves when cleaning the seat or any other areas that people touch when they use the restroom to ensure that you do not touch any urine that may have splashed when the men used the urinal portion of the toilet.

Keep Plenty of Toilet Paper Handy

Be sure that there is plenty of toilet paper in the portable toilet at all times. In order to keep the toilet paper from getting wet when it is in the restroom, place a few rolls inside of a small bag that has handles. Hang the bag over the toilet roll dispenser inside of the portable toilet. This ensures that is always extra toilet paper when a roll runs out.

Be sure to have the company deliver the portable potty a few hours before you need it to ensure that it is ready for use when your guests arrive. You can rent the portable potty for the exact amount of time that you need it so that you do not have to pay any more for the rental than absolutely necessary. To learn more about restroom rentals, contact a company like Lemeta Pumping & Thawing