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3 Improvements To Make Septic Systems Greener And Reduce Problems

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Today, there is more concern about contamination of resources like water supplies and the environment. One system in your home that may contribute to problems is your septic system, which is why you may want to consider green improvements that can reduce contamination and even reduce septic system problems. This can be something as simple as grey water separation, or more complicated improvements that involve pre-filters and lined drainage. If you are looking for green solutions for your home, here are some improvements that can be done to your septic system:

1. Using A System That Separates And Recycles Grey Water

There are many different types of septic systems, which often consist of separate tanks. An additional tank can be added to your system to contain grey water. This water is the cleanest waste water from your home and can be reused for many different tasks. You may want to use a filter and reuse the grey water for flushing the toilets in your home. It can also be used for watering the lawn and other tasks that do not require potable water.

2. Stop Problems With A Pre-Filtration System To Protect Drainage

Many of the problems with septic systems start when solids leave the tank and get into drainage. To prevent this, you may want to consider a pre-filtration system. This will filter the affluent before it goes into drainage. This can also help to remove any potential contaminates from the affluent to prevent contamination of ground water supplies.

3. Using A Lined Drainage Containment Area To Prevent Contamination

You may also want to consider a drain field that is completely lined to contain the affluent. This will prevent any contamination from reaching water supplies or the environment. This is a type of containment system that will help reduce problems and can be a good solution for areas where contaminating water supplies is a concern or where septic systems are installed near bodies of water. These systems can also include bio filtration, which can help filter affluent and contain any contamination in the waste before it leaves the drainage containment area. These solutions are designed to prevent any waste from leaving the system.

These are some improvements that can be done to your septic system to make it a little greener. If you need help with the maintenance or installation of green systems for your septic system, contact a septic service, like Five Star Sanitation Services, and talk with them about some of these green solutions.