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Tips For Maximizing Space In Your Rented Dumpster On Yard Cleanup Day

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Renting a dumpster is a logical step to take when you're looking at a large yard cleanup. Whether it's part of your annual spring cleaning or you've let your yard get overgrown over the past couple years, having a dumpster dropped off in your driveway means that you'll easily be able to load up your waste and have it carted away. Here are some tips for making efficient use of the dumpster as you get the job done.    

Burn What You Can

The last thing you want is to have your yard cleanup project delayed because you've filled the dumpster with yard waste and there's still more work to get done. An effective way to overcome this issue is to burn some of your yard waste concurrently as you load the dumpster. Whether you have a backyard fire put or a burning barrel, it's a good idea to have one of your helpers be continuously fueling the fire with dead wood. Over the course of the day, this will help to free up a significant amount of space in the dumpster -- just be sure to check your local bylaws to ensure that burning is permitted.

Cut Limbs In Advance Of Getting The Dumpster

When you cut a limb off a tree that is living, the leaves will be bushy -- and take up extra space in the dumpster. If your schedule allows it, think about doing your cutting in advance of having the dumpster dropped off. Although your yard will be messy, leaving the limbs on your grass will allow the leaves to shrink and fall off, which will free up space in the dumpster. It's not that leaves will drastically cut into the dumpster's volume, but they can impede the placement of other limbs and make the receptacle fill up faster than you might expect.

Advertise Free Firewood

If you're cutting down trees that are large enough to produce half-decent firewood, it's worthwhile to place a yard sale-style sign in your community that advertises free firewood. You'll likely get some homeowners with fireplaces stopping by to check the wood. If they're interested, they'll take some of the wood off your hands. This will not only help you free up some of the available space in your rented dumpster (from an outlet such as Western Disposal) for other yard waste, but will also help you avoid having to carry the heavy pieces of wood across your yard and toss them into the dumpster.