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Answering Three Questions About Residential Power Washing

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There are many different forms of maintenance that you will need to do to keep your home looking its best. In particular, power washing can be an essential task for keeping the exterior of your home in the best condition possible. However, if you are a new homeowner, you may not have much experience with this type of maintenance, but learning the following answers to power washing questions can help you to be as informed as possible about this aspect of home care.

Is Power Washing Safe?

Power washing utilizes a high-pressure jet of water to thoroughly clean the exterior of a home. While this can be perfectly safe if it is done by a professional, some people may make the mistake of attempting to save money by doing this work themselves. However, if you are not trained in this task, it can be easy to set the power washer on a setting that is too high, which can strip away the paint on your home. To avoid this problem, you should always make sure to have this work done by a trained professional.

What Parts Of A Home Should You Have Power Washed?

While the sides of your home can benefit immensely from this type of work, it is not the only part that should be power washed. Your home's windows can become dull due to dirt and dust accumulations, but a power washing can clean the exterior of hard to reach windows. Lastly, this type of cleaning can be used on patios and pavement.

Power washing can help to restore cosmetic problems with these areas of your home, but it can also help to prevent structural damage to your roof. If moss, dirt and other substances are allowed to remain on the roof, it is possible for rot to start forming because it will trap water against the roof. By having it pressured washed every year or two, these materials will be removed before this damage can occur.

Is It Necessary To Prepare The Home For This Work?

You may assume that you will need to do time-consuming preparations to the home before the contractors arrive, such as removing window screens. However, this is not actually the case because professional power washing is safe for your window screens, window air conditioning units, and doors. The only preparation work that you will need to do is to put up any pets that may interfere with the contractors as well as remove any toys or tools that are around the exterior of the home.

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