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Tips For Saving Money On Trash Collection

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It may seem counter-productive to spend money on disposing of garbage – almost like you are literally throwing the cash away. Actually, your trash service performs a very important and valuable service by responsibly disposing of garbage, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to find ways to save money on this service. The following tips can help you lower your waste disposal bills, and they may even yield some environmental benefits, too.

Tip #1: Shop Around

If you have a choice of sanitation companies, then it is a good idea to shop around and see who is offering the best rates. Even if you only have one option, you should still take the time to shop their services. For example, even with a single company there are usually different levels of service, such as can size or the amount of pickup days. By moving to a smaller or can or having your garbage picked up less frequently, you may be able to save a lot of money.

Tip #2: Add a Recycling Service

More and more sanitation companies and municipalities are launching recycling programs. Often, these programs are free or cost less than regular landfill service, since the company can actually sell the recyclables for a profit. Choose a company that offers recycling options that fit what you normally produce – such as a paper or glass program. Single stream recycling is also a useful service, since you typically don't even need to spend time separating the recyclables.

Tip #3: Share a Service

Shared service works especially well if you don't produce a lot of trash and you have a neighbor that is also a low garbage producer. This allows you to both put your bags at the end of one drive, saving one of the pickup fees. Just make sure this is allowed by both the sanitation company and the municipality before you exercise this option.

Tip #4: Produce Less

Producing less garbage is a noble goal for the environment that will also save cash. Begin by opting out of garbage whenever you can. For example, skip items in lots of disposable packaging and make sure you bring your own bags to the store. If you eat out a lot, bring reusable cups and your own takeout containers for leftovers. Instead of disposables, integrate reusable products into as many facets of your life as possible.

Call a local trash collection company like Powell's  Trash Service to find out what money-saving programs they may offer.