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What You Need To Know Before Renting A Roll-Off Dumpster

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Renting a roll-off container makes it easy to contain debris or garbage accumulated during remodeling projects. Before you have one of these dumpsters delivered to you, there are a few steps you'll need to take to prepare. Here are a few things to take into consideration before renting a roll-off dumpster or container.

Protect Your Concrete

If you will be parking the dumpster on your concrete driveway, you may want to take a few steps to protect the concrete before the dumpster is delivered. Due to the weight and design of dumpsters, they can leave your concrete scratched or scuffed. You can place plywood boards over your driveway to provide a buffer between the concrete and the metal surface of the dumpster to protect your concrete. You may also consider doing this on the street if your dumpster will be parked on a private drive in a condominium or apartment complex.

Plan Space For The Dumpster

Whether the dumpster will be in your driveway, on the street on in your yard, be sure to plan adequate space for the unit. It should be relatively close to your home so your construction crew can easily access it to throw items away. If it will be in the yard, consider laying down a plywood walkway to protect your grass from the extra foot traffic in your yard.

Inquire About Permits

Many municipalities require permits for dumpster rentals. In some cases, the responsibility to acquire the permit falls on the homeowner renting the unit. In other situations, the local government might require the dumpster rental company to obtain the permits. Call your local government ahead of time to ensure you comply with all local regulations. This will help you avoid tickets and fines that can result from not following local rules.

Determine Your Dumpster Size

Roll-off dumpsters come in a variety of sizes. The size you rent will depend on both your available space and the scope of your remodeling project. Your contractor can help you to determine how much construction waste you can expect to produce before the end of your project. In some cases, you'll only need to have the dumpster dropped off at the beginning of your project and picked up at the end, while more complex remodeling projects may require the dumpster rental company to empty the dumpster at least once during the remodel. Be sure you are aware of the costs for hauling and removing the debris before you begin your project so you can make sure that your dumpster rental fits in your budget.

Your dumpster rental company can help answer any questions you have about your roll-off dumpster. Be sure to plan yor dumpster rental well in advance of your remodel project so you can have everything ready to go.

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